Today I want to share a simple mental shift with you – one that my mentor and friend Pat Rigsby shared with me:

One of the biggest mental shifts you can make when it comes to making better decisions and ultimately working towards the best version of you is substituting one four letter word for another…

Instead of asking: Should I spend my time doing this?…

Ask yourself: Should I spend my life doing this?

See, sometimes the way we think or talk about things is designed to minimize the impact of our choices

If you say you spend 50% of your time dealing with stuff that you don’t particularly enjoy…you could rationalize it as a “cost” of living…

But, if you say you spend 50% of your life in those same situations…it seems far more troubling, and you would be more motivated to change (I’d hope) because you can’t retrieve that 50% of your life once it’s gone!

Maybe it’s just semantics, but the way we spend our time is actually the way we’re spending our lives…and I think that means there’s no room for settling.

When I really embraced that way of thinking I knew that creating my Ideal Business to support my Ideal Life wasn’t just an interesting idea…it was a MUST!

My belief is that when you decide what and who you’re spending your time on you shouldn’t settle…because you’re actually spending your life on them.

That’s why I LOVE doing what I do for a living at Heroic Fitness’ Transformation Station.

Is it all sunshine and roses?

No. There are still some aspects to my business that I don’t enjoy, but I’m slowly working on shifting those tasks to other people – people that actually enjoy those things that I don’t. WIN-WIN 🙂

I strongly urge you to PAY ATTENTION to how you’re spending your time and who you’re spending it with, and then doing what you can to maximize your time (life) to the fullest. By the way, I strongly believe that spending time with our Community of Friends in Fitness at Heroic Fitness Transformation Station is an EPIC way to bring more happiness and fulfillment to your life…

So, whether you choose to use this approach or not, the message is really that you have the opportunity to do, be, and have the life you want…but you can’t achieve it by settling.

We all have the same 168 hours each week. Are you spending yours the way you want to?