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Heroic Fitness’s Transformation Station is open for business at Area 15 in Noda. Heroic Fitness launches its flagship Transformation Station in local innovative small business incubator Area 15. Kirk Huggins Rogers of Heroic Fitness chose Area 15 because they have a community heart (love for their community).

The Heroic Fitness Transformation Station is located at 514 Est 15th Street Charlotte, NC 28206.

When interviewed Kirk said, “Area 15 is about helping transform a community with love, and Heroic Fitness is about helping transform people with tough love. Opening up our flagship Transformation Station in Area 15 was a no-brainer. Both organizations have congruent goals, so it’s a win-win-win situation. Win for Area 15, win for the community & people in it, and win for Heroic Fitness.”

Heroic Fitness brings its own unique brand of fun fitness with it. Heroic Fitness specializes in:

  • Weight Loss, Muscle Toning, & Body Transformations
  • Youth Athletic Strength & Conditioning Programs
  • Back Pain Relief

Heroic Fitness is a results based fitness and nutrition studio. Heroic Fitness’s small group training programs include:

  • EPIC Boot Camp – A low impact strength and conditioning cross- training class workout that is scalable for beginner, intermediate and advanced fitness levels, focus is fun, fat loss, lean muscle building, and peak fitness conditioning.
  • JUGG-Fit – A high impact strength and conditioning cross-training class workout for intermediate to advanced fitness levels, focus is building muscle, burning body fat, and peak athletic conditioning.
  • Jr. JUGG Fit – An athletic strength and conditioning cross-training class workout for youth kids (ages 8-18), focus is on fun, fitness, mobility, strength & conditioning, and improving athleticism.
  • Bag Beat-Down Boot Camp – A heavy bag class which incorporates a combination of American boxing and Muay Thai kickboxing in a fun fat burning stress relieving fitness workout.

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I’m looking forward to working with you! Have an EPIC Day!

Kirk Huggins Rogers
Physique Transformation Specialist
Heroic Fitness, LLC